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As part of it's 2014 transformation programme, CIMSPA is reorganising its national and regional structure. The new structure is shown below.

CIMSPA nations and regions:

WebMap453.png CIMSPA Scotland CIMSPA North CIMSPA Wales CIMSPA Midlands CIMSPA South CIMSPA Northern Ireland


CIMSPA Northern Ireland CIMSPA South East CIMSPA South West CIMSPA South West CIMSPA East Midlands CIMSPA Yorkshire & Humber CIMSPA North West CIMSPA North West CIMSPA London CIMSPA East CIMSPA South East CIMSPA West Midlands CIMSPA Cymru Wales CIMSPA North East CIMSPA Scotland


No change to existing structure


9 English regions have been merged into three.

CIMSPA Midlands

Comprised of:

  • CIMSPA East
  • CIMSPA East Midlands
  • CIMSPA West Midlands


Comprised of:

  • CIMSPA North East
  • CIMSPA North West
  • CIMSPA Yorkshire & Humber


Comprised of:

  • CIMSPA London
  • CIMSPA South East
  • CIMSPA South West