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CIMSPA Consultants



CIMSPA Consultants is the one-stop shop for the entire sector’s strategic, leadership, business, operational and technical needs.

Detailed list of services

A detailed list of CIMSPA consultants services within the areas of contract management, management and operation, legal matters and strategic issues.

Contract management

Assessing your needs and requirements, translating them into a contract specification, plus a robust contractor monitoring service utilising our team of consultants. 

Management and operation

CIMSPA are able to provide additional capacity in order to ensure your project is both feasible and achievable and, importantly, delivered.

Legal matters

Experience in a range of criminal and civil litigation cases through our specialist expertise.

Strategic issues

Strategies and Development Plans; Cultural & Leisure Executive Management; Surveys and Dilapidation Reports; Market Research and Strategies; Business plans; Feasibility studies; Business Improvement Review; Options Appraisals.