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CIMSPA explores outsourcing options

24 January 2013

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) has today announced that it will be exploring options to outsource the delivery of its services, either partly or as a whole, to interested parties to safeguard the long term viability of the institute in a challenging financial climate.

The institute formally secured Chartership status in January 2012, following a complex merger between ISRM and ISPAL, forming a new body tasked with supporting a much broader base (in comparison to its predecessors) of workforce disciplines from across the sport and physical activity sector.

In recent months, CIMSPA representatives have been exploring ways of sustaining the institute financially, faced with the challenge of running membership business in difficult economic times. As a membership body tasked to represent the workforce, it will continue to safeguard its independence and deliver against the requirements set out by the Royal Charter.

Marc Newey, Vice Chair of CIMSPA, said:

“Firstly, I would like to reassure members that while we are looking at the options, it remains as ‘business as usual’ at the institute.

There have been some notable successes over the past 18 months including: the broadening of the membership to embrace disciplines such as sport development and health; the launch of the Rising Talent programme; the embedding of a professional development framework; the sign up of over 100 corporate and education partners; in addition to the establishment of 12 national and regional boards providing members with a local network of events and development opportunities. However, we must be realistic, when at a time that our traditional membership base within local government is having to look at how it delivers services, we must similarly look at alternative ways of delivering our services more effectively.

We already successfully outsource a number of business functions in areas such as legal & HR services, technology, PR and publishing. This enables us to draw on expertise in these areas without significantly increasing our overheads.

The bottom line is that we have a responsibility to our members to explore opportunities that enhance the services that we offer but we are facing tough financial decisions as to how we achieve this enhanced offer. This process should help us to identify an approach that both underpins the institute financially and gives employers faith that they can access a robust pathway of development opportunities from entry level to senior management."

In the next few weeks expressions of interest will be sought from suitably qualified parties to explore the feasibility of such an arrangement.

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