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Personal membership


For more information on joining CIMSPA as a personal member, chose from a category below. Alternatively, see here for CIMSPA Partnership types for organisations.


Aged 16 or over and studying full-time for a qualification which is relevant to the areas of sports development, sports management or sports administration.

Student affiliate

An individual studying full time with a CIMSPA further education or higher education partner (affiliation fees paid by the partner).


Front-line staff with a commitment to ongoing personal professional development e.g. coach, fitness instructor, swimming teacher or lifeguard.

Affiliate (exercise and fitness)

Aimed at gym instructors, personal trainers and other exercise and fitness professionals

Practitioner (exercise and fitness)

Aimed at gym instructors, personal trainers and other exercise and fitness professionals


An aspiring manager who holds an endorsed technical qualification e.g. coach co-ordinator, fitness suite leader or swimming teaching co-ordinator.


Individuals active in the management of sport and physical activity services e.g. duty manager, supervisor or sports development officer.


CIMSPA fellows will have a combination of 10 years' sector experience and will have attained a senior position in the industry with a commitment to CPD.


Awarded by invitation only for a significant contribution to the sector and CIMSPA's objectives.

Chartered member

Those active in middle management with significant operational responsibility e.g. sports development manager, centre manager, sales manager or operations manager.

Chartered fellow

Senior managers working at a strategic level e.g. director, regional director, head of..., contracts manager, CEO or group manager.


CIMSPA provides a membership category for those who wish to maintain their links with the sector after retirement.



Personal assessment

  • CIMSPA considers each membership application on a case-by-case basis.
  • Personal assessment is an experience-based application process will apply to those who may not fit neatly into one of the above categories, but whose experience and/or prior learning deserves the recognition of CIMSPA membership. Candidates will need to submit evidence to collaborate educational achievements and industry experience.
  • Contact the CIMSPA membership team for assistance. Tel: 01509 226494, Email: to apply for personal assessment.