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Rising Talent



CIMSPA Rising Talent programme

In line with our commitment to developing the ‘workforce of tomorrow’, CIMSPA has launched a programme to encourage students and young professionals in the sport and physical activity sector to invest in their skills development from the very start of their career.

Our ‘Rising Talent’ programme aims to build closer relationships with individuals aged under-30 who, according to our research, represent 30 per cent of the sport and physical activity workforce. By doing this, we can ensure that the Chartered Institute delivers real value for everyone regardless of experience, from students to senior managers.


Student ambassadors

To launch the campaign, we recruited eight student ambassadors from amongst the 185 colleges and universities across the UK that deliver sport and physical activity related courses. As well as sharing their experiences and views on sector news items, they have also provided live coverage of some of CIMSPA’s training events – all through social media such as our ‘Rising Talent’ Facebook page and our @cimspa_rt Twitter account.

‘Rising Talent’ board representatives

As part of the programme, we aim to recruit a ‘Rising Talent’ representative to each of our national and regional management boards, enabling members of this age group to support the employment and development of their peers. A number of boards have already appointed both a student and an experienced young professional as their ‘Rising Talent’ representatives; take a look at our CIMSPA Nations & Regions pages to find out who your local representatives are.

Careers advice

At the start of the ‘Rising Talent’ programme, Melissa Barlow, Head of Education and Training at CIMSPA, offered advice for students looking to join the sport sector during a virtual Guardian Careers conference. We will be engaging in many more events of this nature in the future, and are already working with university careers services to identify activities that students and young professionals will find most useful to them in accessing employment opportunities and developing their career.

How to contribute to ‘Rising Talent’

If you would like to get involved in CIMSPA’s ‘Rising Talent’ programme, then here are a few things you can do to start developing your career in sport and physical activity:

  • Like the ‘Rising Talent (CIMSPA)’ Facebook page, so we can keep you updated on all the latest events.
  • Follow @cimspa_rt on Twitter, and share your views on the latest trends and news items.
  • Tweet live from sport and physical activity related events that you attend, sharing key facts and quotes with your peers.
  • Contact us at to find out if there are any ‘Rising Talent’ vacancies on your national or regional management board.
  • Email us at with any ideas of how CIMSPA could help you as a student or young professional in the sport and physical activity sector. 


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