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Continuing Professional Development


Part of CIMSPA’s remit is to support the continuing professional development (CPD) of members and ensure a supply of CPD to the sport and physical activity sector.

CIMSPA will support CPD through the following activities:

  • Maintain the sector’s Professional Development Framework
  • Endorse or commission short courses through the CIMSPA Endorsed Training programme
  • Provide free events/conferences
  • Provide free online CPD
  • Partner with education providers
  • Facilitate online member recording of CPD activities
  • Support professional development planning
  • Facilitate a mentoring scheme
  • Define the link between CPD and achieving chartered status
  • Operate and monitoring formal CPD scheme for chartered members

CIMSPA’s advice to members includes the following advice:

  • Plan for personal and career development
  • Select relevant CPD activities
  • Take part in a range of CPD activities relevant to current or future practice including work-based and educational CPD
  • Ensure CPD contributes to quality of service delivery and benefits to the service user
  • Reflect on CPD activities
  • Maintain a continuous and up-to-date record of CPD activities
  • Use CPD as part of the journey to chartered status

The following are the categories of CPD which are recognised by CIMSPA

  • Qualification and Studies Any academic or professional qualifications that support and develop members in their role or future career. In particular see CIMSPA endorsed and professionally recognised qualifications that link to the professional development framework.
  • Training – Workshops/ short training courses/master classes/ online learning. Members should seek training endorsed by CIMSPA and mapping to the professional development framework
  • Networking events/ conferences – Professional body CPD events, events which increase knowledge but are not necessarily linked to the professional development framework
  • In-house/In-company Training – Training undertaken as part of an organisations planned development scheme which may be linked to performance development and appraisal
  • Sharing of Knowledge – Writing published books, papers, journals or articles that centre on principles relating to the sector.
  • Mentoring and Coaching – Recognition of the value and contribution that can be made to others by sharing their knowledge and experience with colleagues and associates. To effectively disseminate knowledge or part-time teaching by non-academics.
  • Contributions to the Institute and Sector – Recognition of contributions made to the Institute through national/regional groups and committees; advisory role; or membership of a sector related group or committee
  • Reading and research – Time spent improving knowledge and skills by studying by yourself. Such activities include online research; learning new job-related skills; reading sector publications; or research.

Members are encouraged to undertake CPD from at least three categories each year.

CPD for Chartered Members and Chartered Fellows is compulsory