Board Trustee Nominees 2021

Nominations are now closed for the two board of trustee positions with CIMSPA. Below are the statements and personal visions for each nominee standing in the election.

Voting is open

Voting is now open for the two trustee positions and will close at noon on 13 September. Further information has been emailed to all members eligible* to vote. If you believe you are eligible to vote, but have not received communications with details on the voting process, please contact


Gareth Morgan
David Monkhouse
Glenn Nightingale
Mark Deeming
Jennifer Lambkin
Jon Argent
Mark Laws

Nominee Expression of Interests

Gareth Morgan

Hi, my name is Gareth I have extensive sports and exercise experience. I have a passion for delivering sports to people or groups that are sometimes overlooked in society and I do a lot of this on a voluntary basis. I am always encouraging health and well-being in my day-to-day job as an ambulance practitioner. I am very passionate about exercise and fitness and would love the opportunity be part of CIMSPA’s board.

Personal Vision
As stated above my passion is around delivering sports and exercise to people who are generally overlooked this is something I would love to explore further with the board and I would love the opportunity to learn new skills along the way.

David Monkhouse

I have thoroughly enjoyed the past 6 years as an elected Trustee. I have the privilege of working in a sector I love, supporting organisations and individuals to deliver fantastic experiences to their communities. I have always maximised the impact of my network, drawing on the knowledge and competence of others and their organisations to ensure CIMSPA continues to develop our workforce and programmes for the good of others. I bring a operations background to the Board, with a clear understanding of Health and Safety, the customer experience, learning and development needs and the need to deliver quality services and experience. Research and customer feedback is at the heart of all I and my business does. I have worked in many of the roles of members and non members of CIMSPA and feel I can represent these roles with experience and first hand knowledge, ensuring our institute is fit for the future. I love sharing best practice, am approachable should members wish me to raise challenges and ideas at Board level. I chair the Audit and Probity Committee and have supported the executive team to deliver the highest of Governance standards and overseen the financial auditing of our professional body. I believe I am part of the sector, I believe I contribute to its development and growth and really want to be part of the next 3 years growth of CIMSPA and its members.

Personal Vision
My personal vision is simple - I want people to have the same opportunities I have had, from a lifeguard with no qualifications to running my own business and graduating with an MBA from Loughborough. I want to see much stronger Equality, Diversity and Inclusion across the workforce, at a representative level and community participation, learning lessons from past attempts and mistakes to improve opportunity for all. I feel that leadership from the institute and developing leaders of the future is the prime goal for my last 3 years of tenure in this role, should you re-elect me. As an institute we have to be sustainable and that means more members, to generate more members we have to be able to demonstrate, 'what's in it for you' a clearer understanding of the value and benefits of membership will be part of my vision for the next 3 years.

Glenn Nightingale

In my 30+ years as business owner and Director I have been instrumental in the long-term business planning and the short-term strategic development of the business, as well as over 20+ years sporting experience, capabilities and connections within the public, voluntary, charitable and commercial sectors.

Many skills have been transferred to ensure the smooth running and expansion of Mens Own RFC where I am Honorary Secretary and Trustee. As a committee we have ensured the long-term future of the club despite total shut down and no rugby for nearly a year during the Covid-19 pandemic, by accurate financial control and fundraising.

Being a school governor for 8 years, 4 of them as chair I am well versed in the high standards required of governance, plus the legal and compliance issues that must be applied to any management body be it corporate or voluntary.

Recently I have undertaken in conjunction with EMRU Diversity and Inclusion training, and I am delivering the lessons learnt at the rugby club and hope that every team that I work with is fully inclusive and equitable.

Retiring early next year I will have the time to commit to attend all meetings of the Board and Committees as necessary and to keep informed on all changes and activities within your organisation. With a wide network of contacts in sport and industry I am well place to promote the direction of the business to all stakeholders and wider networks through a wealth of experience in Marketing and PR.

Personal Vision
From starting a business with only 4 people that now employs over 70 I have had to learn many aspects of legal and compliance requirements especially in Mechanical building services dealing with electricity, water & gas etc which is why CIMSPA need a strong legal constitution to protect all.

Also with over 30 years of HR experience, several issues have changed and I have had to adapt to deal with some considerations that were not needed many years ago, such as gender neutral or faith facilities, therefore we must consider all Diversity issues and ensure that every members needs are considered and catered for.

I am a strong advocate of the plan and insist that every strategy regardless of size or importance has one and feel that this gives members of the team the ability to flex and adapt, while following a roadmap to a SMART destination.

I am passionate about health and fitness and believe CIMSPA need full wrap around management of physical and mental health, with an approach that is fully inclusive and equitable and where everyone feels valued and cared for.

The necessity to adapt in business and to act as a critical friend in education has given me the ability to consider all views, to challenge rigorously, to debate and question direction, and to ensure that outcomes are in the best interest of all while everyone has been heard, and I believe this should be the focus of every governing body regardless of sector or subject.

Mark Deeming

I started my journey in 2018 when I was accepted to run the London Marathon 2019. Having raised £8000 and also losing 7 1/2 stone to complete the challenge I managed to complete my first marathon in 4:48:10. Having got the bug for fitness I decided to complete my level 2 fitness instructor qualification and then further onto my level 3 diploma in personal training. I am keen to pass onto others the experiences and challenges that I have faced during my own fitness to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle. I am now the owner of my own personal training company Made Fit Personal Training and currently have 21 clients all signed up and achieving fitness goals. I believe that with my newly gained skills and experience I will be an asset to be a trustee to pass on my knowledge to everyone on the fitness industry and also onto CIMSPA in ways of being the best out there.

Personal Vision
My personal vision is for everyone in the fitness industry is to have passion in what they do, there is enough room in the world for all of us. Many of times before it has been head to head with certain industries e.g. personal trainers competing with each other but I believe we can all work together, help everyone achieve a healthier lifestyle and change people’s lives for the better in both Health & Fitness. If the last 18 months of Covid-19 has not taught us much, it has taught us as a country how important our health is and also how important our NHS is. By the fitness industry helping with Health & Fitness we help relieve pressure off our medical services and lead us to healthier living.

Jennifer Lambkin

I am totally passionate about fitness and love teaching a variety of programs to participants at David Lloyd Exeter, where I was previously employed and am now self-employed as a group exercise instructor. What makes me different to other candidates, however, is my day job. I am Legal Counsel to a leading offshore governance services firm, and I advise trustees and directors in a variety of sectors on their duties. I specialise in corporate governance and am a practicing lawyer qualified in Scotland, England and Wales, with 11 years’ experience. I am also a single mum to two young children aged three and a half and two and a survivor of domestic abuse. Fitness has always been an important part of my life and I carried on teaching classes at David Lloyd even when going through an incredibly traumatic separation from my abusive ex-husband. I strive every day to set an example of excellence for my children and I firmly believe that a strong and healthy body builds a strong and healthy mind. I am interested in the wider impacts and benefits of exercise in the community and care deeply about the wellbeing of my participants. I love helping people to balance their lives and manage stress and distress using exercise and the community of fitness as powerful and positive tools.

Personal Vision
I would like the board to take a conscious and proactive approach in encouraging more community participation and engagement, while bearing in mind the importance of good governance and the principles of fairness and equality. A fit and healthy lifestyle can benefit anyone and I believe the board should actively seek to promote the impact of the body of professionals practicing in the UK.

Jon Argent

I have worked in the sports and leisure industry for over 30 years in a variety of roles from casual Leisure Attendant to Chief Executive, mainly for Trusts and Local Authorities. I am a long-time supporter and advocate of our sector and its representative bodies, joining ILAM in 1988 and remaining a member until CIMSPA was created, and I am now a proud Fellow of our Institute and have been an Elected Trustee for three years.

I currently Chair the Institute's Professional Development Board, overseeing the work of several industry-specific professional development committees creating professional and apprenticeship standards for all highlighted sector job roles, occupations and specialisms.

Further experience of working at Board level on industry groups includes being a member of the Quest Board for over 10 years and previously holding the post of Vice Chairman for Community Leisure UK.

Personal Vision
Since CIMSPA's inception the Board and staff team have made good progress in taking the Institute forwards and as we emerge from the Covid pandemic it is particularly important that we develop a vibrant, UK-wide sport and physical activity sector. I believe that with a well-defined, sustainable strategy and plan and a commitment to work collaboratively with industry stakeholders and groups, the Board should continue to drive our agendas forward; clear about direction and focused on priorities.

Key tasks include ensuring that apprenticeships are embedded into the workforce and the creation of pathways for individuals to enter and progress within the sector to achieve their maximum potential. The Board should also take a leadership role in confirming recognised, accepted and clearly defined job roles, supported by professional industry standards, whilst also overseeing and endorsing a range of education services and products, providing the industry with quality assured training.

I am passionate about the sector and making a positive contribution to its future and I hope that I may continue to serve as an Elected Trustee of our Institute.

Mark Laws

I am Mark Laws, a 39-year-old fitness professional and eternal student who likes rural dog walks, whisky on the rocks and family time.

But enough of my hypothetical dating profile.

The most important things to know about me are regarding my age, my experience and my personality:

Age: Old enough to have 20+ years of coaching, teaching and leadership experience under my belt, and young enough to have 20+ years ahead of me, to share my mistakes and experiences with other coaches, teachers and leaders.

Experience: Most importantly I have worked in the Personal Training trenches with general populations every day since 2006. The demands of the role have changed exponentially, but the standards and quality have not. I have been riding the wave and can offer invaluable insight on modern trends, retention and recruitment. I have also worked with thousands of elite athletes but those are stories for another day.

Personality: Creative and amusing, laid-back and determined. I am confident enough in my experience and ability to not be afraid to stick my head above the parapet, intelligent and compassionate enough to understand there are always different ways of tackling the same issue, and I am anything but a ‘yes’ man.

Regarding 'sport' and 'physical activity' I am well positioned to offer valuable insight. I understand elite performance as much as I understand couch potatoes and their barriers to entry, and my intention is to be an active board member who listens, considers and contributes, all in equal measure.

Personal Vision
My vision is simple: For fitness professionals to improve so they can continually deliver an exceptional service which is valued by their communities, admired and respected by other healthcare professionals, and which actually starts to make a difference.

That has probably been the industry’s goal from day one. But it hasn’t happened and isn’t going to happen unless things change and improve. In the last 10, 20, 30 years, the number of fitness professionals has increased…but so have obesity levels, diabetes cases, deaths from preventable diseases, mental health issues, stress, suicide etc.

The way things currently work is not making the nation physically and mentally healthier.

We focus too much on the minority groups – the gym junkies, the recreational runners, and the financially stable fitness professionals et al. These people already ‘get it’. To truly tackle equality, inclusivity, and diversity we need to target the huge majorities – the thousands of PTs who fail within a year, and the tens of millions of people on our island who are scared senseless of ‘the gym’, who know they need to do something but don’t know how or why, or who are confused by the perpetual BS and attention-grabbing nonsense peddled in mainstream media. I have consistently reduced fear, anxiety, pain, discomfort, weakness, confusion, stress and wobbly bits, whilst simultaneously improving performance and confidence in children, elite athletes, your neighbours, friends, family members and colleagues.

My vision is to allow ALL fitness professionals to be able to consistently say the same.

Voting is open

Voting is now open the two trustee positions and will close at noon on 13 September. Further information has been emailed to all members eligible* to vote. If you believe you are eligible to vote, but have not received communications with details on the voting process, please contact

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  • Entry Manager Member
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