CIMSPA Academy

CIMSPA’s 2017 eLearning pilot is now available to all individual members. Members receive access to this first block of eLearning free of charge, as part of their membership subscription.

What eLearning content is available?
There are over 30 CPD options available in this first release – from “bite-sized” options to certificate courses that award multiple CIMSPA CPD points.

How do individual members access the eLearning CPD?

  • Visit your personal MyPage portal at
  • Select the “CIMSPA Academy” link or menu tab and follow the instructions given


  • Successfully completing eLearning content will be recognised through CIMSPA developmental CPD points – up to half of your annual CPD requirement can be met via CIMSPA eLearning.
  • CIMSPA equates one-hour of guided learning to equal one point of developmental CPD.

More eLearning choices will be made available to members quarterly (whilst many modules will be free to members, some specialist modules will carry a fee).


CIMSPA Academy – Launch eLearning list

Business management:

  • Managing Change: 4 CPD points
  • Boost Productivity with 5S: 0.25 CPD points
  • Business Strategy? SWOT you need: 0.25 CPD points
  • Make Great Decisions: The Vroom-Yetton-Jago Decision Model: 0.25 CPD points
  • Maximise Future Profits: The Boston Matrix: 0.25 CPD points
  • Prioritising Risk: The Risk Impact/Probability Matrix: 0.25 CPD points
  • The Key Steps of Risk Analysis: 0.25 CPD points
  • Understand Your Organisation: The McKinsey Framework: 0.25 CPD points
  • Unfreeze, Change, Freeze: A Simple Approach to Change Management: 0.25 CPD points
  • Use a Successful Business Strategy: 0.25 CPD points

Coaching skills:

  • Developing Others: 4 CPD points
  • A Coaching Approach to Feedback: 0.25 CPD points
  • Are You (Un)Conscious and (In)Competent?: 0.25 CPD points
  • Motivate for a Happy Workforce: 0.25 CPD points
  • The Importance of Empathy: 0.25 CPD points
  • Think Differently: The Reframing Matrix: 0.25 CPD points
  • Giving Constructive and Receiving Critical Feedback: 0.25 CPD points

Conflict management:

  • Conflict at Work: 4 CPD points
  • Working With Difficult Colleagues: 0.25 CPD points
  • Dealing with Difficult People and Situations: 0.25 CPD points


  • Productive Meetings: 4 CPD points
  • Meetings: You have rights!: 0.25 CPD points
  • Taking Minutes in Meetings: 0.25 CPD points

Personal development:

  • Communication Skills: 4 CPD points
  • Are You Really Listening?: 0.25 CPD points
  • Ask Better Questions: 0.25 CPD points
  • Communicate More Effectively with the Communication Cycle: 0.25 CPD points
  • Getting People to Listen: 0.25 CPD points
  • How SMART Are Your Objectives?: 0.25 CPD points
  • How to Handle a Difficult Conversation: 0.25 CPD points
  • Prepare to Succeed at Interview: 0.25 CPD points
  • Setting Objectives: 0.25 CPD points
  • Stress Management: 0.25 CPD points
  • Learning with Style: 0.25 CPD points