Membership rights and responsibilities

As a professional membership organisation for the sports and physical activity sector, CIMSPA's relationship with its members is intended to be an enduring one covering the career lifetime of the member, and beyond. Membership of an organisation such as ours is more than a customer relationship, and much more like that of a company shareholder.

Members have both rights and responsibilities in relation to the Institute, which are embodied in the Institute’s Charter and Statutes, which operate in addition to other benefits of membership provided from time to time. The following is a summary of the key rights and responsibilities under the Statutes, set out in everyday terms:

Your rights:

  • To attend and to vote at general meetings of the Institute on all resolutions put to the meeting, including appointed Board Members*.
  • Together with other members (minimum 10% of membership) to request the Board to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting to vote on a member resolution*.
  • To receive the annual accounts of the Institute.
  • To use the designated letters in the specified form (full members only)*.
  • To receive formal written notice should the Institute determine to terminate membership on any grounds (including non-payment of subscription)*.
  • To be heard or make written representations to the Institute following notice of intended termination (other than on grounds of non-payment of subscription)*.

Your responsibilities:

  • To use best endeavours to promote the Objects* of the Institute
  • To pay annual subscriptions and other fees levied by the Institute from time to time**
  • To inform the Institute of any change of name and/or home address.
  • To observe the Institute’s Professional Code of Conduct at all times.

*Members should refer to the Charter and Statutes for specific details.

**Key provisions regarding membership subscriptions:

  • Annual membership subscriptions automatically continue year on year unless and until membership is formally resigned (in writing).
  • Membership subscriptions are due annually and remain payable in full for any subscription year in which resignation or termination of membership occurs.
  • Membership subscriptions may be paid in agreed instalments by direct debit only, and are otherwise due in full within 28 days of the subscription renewal date.
  • Any member who ceases to be a member remains liable to pay all monies due to the Institute under the Statutes before or after termination of membership.