European Pool Safety Award (EPSA)

 Terms and conditions

  1. By participating in the Scheme you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
  2. The Award is specific to the pool(s) assessed and is non-transferable.
  3.  In assessing participants for the Award, the Assessor’s decision shall be final.
  4. Participants qualifying for the Award shall be issued with an Award Certificate valid for one year, which should be prominently displayed in a public area.
  5. During the currency of the Award Certificate, participants in the Scheme may display Award Decals and/or an Award Plaque.
  6. During the currency of the Award Certificate, participants in the Scheme may use the logos provided in the Scheme Logo Pack in connection with their letterhead stationery, promotional material and similar uses (which should make clear the specific pools holding the Award).
  7. During the currency of the Award, CIMSPA shall include details of the Award-holding pool(s) on its Award web site.
  8. In the event of withdrawal from the scheme, or following a failure to achieve the Scheme standards:

a. CIMSPA shall remove the Award-holding pool(s) details from its Award web site.

b. The participant shall immediately remove from display the Award Certificate, Award Decals and Award Plaque(s).

c. The participant shall permanently destroy the Scheme Logo Pack provided, and remove any such logos from display or marketing material, or other documents and stationery.

d. The participant shall clearly mark any residual stocks of display or marketing material, documents or other stationery containing the Scheme Logo to indicate withdrawal of the Award, or otherwise destroy any such residual stocks.

Use or display of Scheme resources whilst not a current Award holder may constitute a prosecutable offence under consumer protection and/or trade descriptions legislation.


Pool water quality award (PWQA)

14 June 2015

Terms and conditions for CIMSPA's Pool Water Quality Award