Change of circumstances FAQ

I have moved home. Do I need to inform you?

Yes. As a membership body we have a statutory duty to maintain a Register of Members including contact details, and in particular home addresses. In turn you have an obligation under the Statutes to inform us of any change of address.

By keeping our records up to date you will assist us in ensuring you receive details of your subscription renewals, General Meetings and other matters. This will become more important in the future, where we plan to periodically confirm the personal details we hold on you, ensuring that these are not inappropriately divulged to others such as staff in an employer’s central post room.

I have changed employers. Do I need to inform you?

Yes. This is also the case if you retire or become unemployed.

If I retire can I pay a reduced subscription?

As a retired person you will be eligible from your next subscription renewal to pay a reduced subscription. Whilst some of your membership benefits change, you retain the voting rights enjoyed in your pre-retirement membership category.

Can I pay a reduced subscription in cases of long term sickness or long term unemployment?

A reduced subscription fee shall be charged to any eligible Member, subject to reasonable supporting evidence being required, in the following circumstances:

  • Diagnosis of terminal illness
  • Long term sickness (i.e. in excess of 3 months)
  • Long term unemployment (i.e. in excess of 3 months)

Members shall be required to advise CIMSPA of any change in circumstances during the year, and to apply for the reduction (except in the case of terminal illness) each subscription year. The reduction shall apply to the whole of the subscription year in which the qualifying circumstances are met.