Applying to Become a Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow

PLEASE NOTE: Application to become a CIMSPA Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow is currently only available for those working in management roles. The applicant has 6 months in which to complete the chartered application from the receipt of payment. The applicant may only be referred once within a single application. 

Entry requirements

To apply to be a CIMSPA Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow you must first be a CIMSPA Member. If you are not, please click here to join.

Entry requirements – Chartered Member

  • A level 5 management qualification e.g. level 5 diploma in strategic management and leadership plus 4 years’ experience in a middle management job role (e.g. General Manager).


  • 7 years’ in a middle management job role with evidence of relevant CPD plus evidence of meeting professional competence.

Entry requirements – Chartered Fellow

  • A level 7 management qualification e.g. level 7 diploma in strategic leadership and management plus 7 years’ experience in a senior management job role (e.g. Director / CEO).


  • 12 years’ experience in a senior management job role (e.g. Director / CEO) with evidence of relevant CPD plus evidence of meeting professional competence.

Your application

The application process has 3 separate stages.

Stage 1 - initial application

Complete your stage 1 application form online.

The stage 1 application includes:

  • An outline of your education, employment history, CPD and attendance at sector events.
  • A 700 word personal statement.

Once you have submitted your stage 1 application, our membership team will assess your eligibility to undertake the chartered assessment process.

If accepted, you will also be advised on which chartered category you are eligible to apply and you will be invited to begin stage 2.

Start your stage 1 application 

Stage 2 – chartered assessment

The stage 2 chartered assessment process is completed either by:

  • A remote video interview
  • A written exercise

During stage 2 you will be required to demonstrate how you meet with a set of detailed assessment criteria, drawing on examples of your knowledge and experience from working within the sport and physical activity sector.

You can download a copy of the chartered assessment criteria from the link below.

Stage 3 – CIMSPA review, verification and decision

Review and recommendation

Once the video interview transcript or written exercise is complete, a CIMSPA assessor will review this and make a recommendation as to whether you meet the criteria for chartered status.


The assessor’s recommendation will be verified by a member of the CIMSPA directorate.

Informing you of the final decision

  • Successful application: Your chartered status will be confirmed and you will be asked to pay the pro-rata difference between your existing member category fee and new member category fee.
  • Rejected application: You will be given feedback on your application as to why you have not been successful.

Application fees

Applicants can CHOOSE between:

  • Stage 2 (written exercise): £50 (inc VAT) payable when you submit your stage 2 application.
  • Stage 2 (remote video interview): £150 (inc VAT) payable at the point of booking your interview.

Please note that fees payable for Stage 2 are non-refundable. 

 Start your stage 1 application