CIMSPA higher education partnership - pilot scheme.


Enabling and ensuring employability for sport and physical activity-related degree programmes through partnership with the sector’s chartered professional body.

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) is inviting institutions delivering degree programmes in the UK to take part in a two-year pilot scheme – engaging with the sport and physical activity sector’s chartered institute to develop employability-focused endorsement and recognition pathways for relevant study programmes.

Universities participating in the pilot will be recognised as official CIMSPA higher education partners.

The goal of the pilot scheme is to finalise a full endorsement and recognition process for UK sport and physical activity related degree programmes. Once this is in place, qualifying CIMSPA HE partners will be offered priority access to CIMSPA approved provider status.

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Sports-related degree endorsement and recognition – CIMSPA’s goal

Following the successful conclusion of the pilot scheme, all degree programmes* relating to an occupation within the sport and physical activity sector will be able to apply to be endorsed and quality assured by CIMSPA – the sector’s chartered professional body. Two options:

  • CIMSPA-endorsed courses will be certified as meeting employer-set professional standards as policed by CIMSPA. This employability benchmark means that the student has received an education that will enable them to be deployed in one or multiple roles within the sport and physical activity sector.
  • CIMSPA recognition will be the alternative for those courses which are not directly related to an occupation within the sector (e.g. event management), but which still contain content valuable to a career in sport and physical activity

*Universities and FE colleges delivering HE degree programmes



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