CIMSPA history

CIMSPA can trace its origins back to 1921 with the Association of Baths Superintendents.

CIMSPA has been awarded chartered status by the Privy Council, which came into effect at the start of January 2012.


The Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical activity

IMSPA was formed through a merger of ISRM and ISPAL on 1 April 2011.



Institute of Sport and Recreation Management

(From 1993)

  • Institute of Baths and Recreation Management (From 1979)
  • Institute of Baths Management (From 1961)
  • National Association of Baths Superintendents
  • Association of Baths Superintendents (From 1921)

Institute for Sport, Parks and Leisure*

(From 2008)

  • Institute of Leisure and Amenity Management (From 1983)
  • Association of Recreation Managers
  • Institute of Municipal Entertainment
  • Institute of Park and Recreation Administration
  • Institute of Park Administration for Park Superintendents (From 1926)
  • Institute of Recreation Management

*Also, National Association for Sports Development