CPD points icon graphics

CIMSPA has published a set of icon graphics for its skills development partners to use to visually show the number of CIMSPA CPD points that are available to members who successfully complete defined CPD activities.

  • The icon graphics are intended for use primarily on partner website training information pages, marketing materials and certificates.
  • Icon graphics are available for both CIMSPA endorsed CPD and for CIMSPA developmental CPD.
  • Icon graphics are provided in JPG, PNG, PDF and SVG formats.

CPD points logo icons – usage instructions

  • Icon graphics can only be used by CIMSPA skills development partners
  • Icon graphics can only be used for specific training products which have been formally recognised by CIMSPA, as part of your partnership agreement.
  • Please be careful to use the correct icon graphic for your CIMSPA-recognised training. If you have any doubts whether your training is “endorsed” or “developmental”, then please contact CIMSPA for help.
  • If using these icon graphics, please continue to include a full statement in writing on the web page as to the points value of the training – this is important for clarity, accessibility and search engine visibility. For example, use text such as: “This CPD workshop awards 4 CIMSPA developmental CPD points”

Download the CPD points icon graphics at the link below: