About CIMSPA employer partners

The CIMSPA employer partner scheme is your organisation’s chance to be a part of creating a sustainable, professional and durable workforce for our industry.

Introducing the CIMSPA employer partner scheme

CIMSPA is driving the improvement and professionalism of the sport and physical activity sector’s employees, and aligning its work with the government’s employability, skills and productivity ambitions.

The UK’s sport, fitness and activity employers represent the “real world” expertise of the knowledge, skills and behaviour required by employees to successfully undertake roles within our sector, and it is this expertise CIMSPA is seeking from employers.

As an employer partner your organisation will participate as industry experts working alongside our awarding organisation and skill development partners to develop the ‘professional standards’ for the sector’s job roles. These professional standards will then become the benchmark for the development of future qualifications, training programmes, apprenticeships etc. ensuring that the sector has an appropriately skilled workforce.

Employer partner scheme benefits

  • Professional standards development – a seat at the table: Employer partners will be invited to join a professional standards committee and help develop professional standards – the foundation of our sector’s future workforce development and the core development tool for qualifications, apprenticeships, training activities and CPD.
  • Shaping the future – your voice heard: Employer partners will be consulted on all of the standards that are created.
  • Network links: Employer partners will gain access to networks of awarding organisations, skill development partners, further / higher education providers and sector specialists.
  • Membership discounts for your staff: Up to 20% discount on first-year subscription fees for your registered employees who are joining CIMSPA for the first time.  Full details of individual CIMSPA membership benefits can be found HERE
  • Skills development partnership – fee waiver: Employer partners can also become a CIMSPA skills development partner (SDP), and CIMSPA will waive the initial £250 + VAT registration fee.
  • Client services communication: Employer partners will have a dedicated CIMSPA representative to liaise with you on all aspects of their partnership. There will be four formal ‘touch points’ with your CIMSPA representative during each 12 month period.
  • Employer partner newsletters: A quarterly e-newsletter will be sent to employer partners with news from CIMSPA to keep partners up to date with CIMSPA led lobbying work, the progress of the professional standards matrix, and other relevant content.
  • Sector insight research: CIMSPA will commission an annual labour market survey and share the analysis of this with employer partners. The first report will be published at the end of 2016.
  • Partnership recognition: The right to use the CIMSPA partner logo, an official partnership certificate to record their partnership, and a listing on the CIMSPA partnership directory


CIMSPA’s “asks” of its employer partners

An employer partnership is a statement of support for CIMSPA’s vision to create a professional workforce for the sector. CIMSPA’s “ask” is for partners to support this through:

  • Sourcing training from CIMSPA-recognised skills development partners
  • Sourcing qualifications from CIMSPA-recognised awarding organisation partners
  • Ensuring that “CIMSPA membership desirable” is included on all job descriptions/person specifications.
  • Transferring relevant staff into membership.

Bringing your employees into membership

Employer partners will be offered a flexible approach for them to bring relevant staff into CIMSPA membership. The dedicated CIMSPA representative will negotiate an individual approach for each partner, as part of the first face-to-face meeting, and record what is agreed into an action plan.

As there are no corporate affiliation fees for organisations to achieve employer partner status, CIMSPA’s revenue will come from membership sign-up.

The sign-up experience

  • Complete the online employer partner application HERE
  • CIMSPA will review the application and confirm employer partner status within 5 working days. 
  • Once approved, employer partners will receive confirmation and a ‘welcome pack’.
  • Within 10 working days of employer partner status being approved, a CIMSPA representative will provide an introduction and arrange a face to face meeting.
  • The face to face meeting will take place within the first 3 months of the partnership.  Individual employer partner terms will be agreed during this meeting and a revised contract completed.

An annual face to face meeting with a CIMSPA representative will take place to discuss progress, updates and ensure the relationship is maintained.