Employer partner online application gateway


This page explains the information you will need to have ready in order to apply as an employer partner. For help, please call 01509 226474 or email partner@cimspa.co.uk

Making your application

To apply for your organisation to become a CIMSPA employer partner, complete the online form at the link below. A summary of the key information required to apply is outlined below of this page.

Info required for the form

  • Organisation contact info, plus VAT registration number, company number, charity number as appropriate.
  • Number of facility sites (e.g. leisure centres)
  • Site directory – detailing the address, phone number and contact person at each site. You can download a template spreadsheet from HERE if your organisation does not already have a site directory.
  • Total number of employees (broken down as full and part time)
  • Contact information for a “key contact” person at your organisation for CIMSPA to contact as needed.
  • 250 word description of the organisation (for the public partnership directory)
  • Organisation logo file (ideally good quality JPEG or other graphic file)