EPSA customer FAQ

What is the European Pool Safety Award?

The European Pool Safety Award (EPSA) forms part of a scheme to promote and recognise the highest standards of safety and operation amongst swimming pool operators. By providing independent recognition of those pools operating to these standards, the pool user may have a more informed choice as to their preferred pool, and take assurance that the chosen pool is safe and well operated.

How does the EPSA scheme work?

The scheme is voluntary, and open to all pools within the UK including public pools, hotel pools, health and fitness club pools, and holiday park pools.

Pools applying to join the scheme are independently assessed each year against current standards and best practice (including the British Standard EN-15288-2) by CIMSPA’s qualified assessors. This assessment comprises an annual mystery customer visit to appraise all aspects of the pool’s operation, and in the first and at least every third year, a full on-site inspection visit to assess all aspects of the pool’s physical environment and operation.

Pools meeting the standard will receive a certificate of compliance, valid for one year, following initial assessment and annual reassessment.

How do I know if a swimming pool holds the award?

All current holders of the EPSA are listed in our directory HERE. Your pool should display its current certificate of compliance in its reception area, and may also display a window decal or plaque to indicate it holds the award.

What can I expect from a swimming pool holding the award?

The award confirms that the highest standards are maintained in the physical pool environment, including walking areas and changing facilities, pool supervision, staffing arrangements and training, customer information systems, health and safety management and operating procedures. The EPSA scheme includes compliance with the pool water quality guidelines and practice covered by the PWQA scheme with reference to physical, biological and chemical pollution. The customer may thus be assured of a clean, safe and pleasant swimming experience.

What can I do to help create the best swimming conditions in my pool?

Individual swimmers can make a big difference to pool water quality by following a few simple rules:

  • Showering before you swim
  • Using the toilet before you swim
  • If you have young children, then by following the guidance HERE

Please look out for public information posters displayed around the pool area, giving more detailed guidance.

What should I do if I am unhappy about water quality at a pool holding the award?

All holders of the EPSA are expected to be open and welcoming to customer feedback. So, please raise your concerns with the pool first. If you are unhappy with their response, email comments@poolawards.co.uk