HE associate partner

Enabling and ensuring employability for sport and physical activity-related degree programmes, in partnership with the sector’s chartered professional body.

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity is inviting institutions delivering relevant degree programmes in the UK to take part in a two-year pilot scheme – engaging with the sport and physical sector’s chartered institute to develop employability-focused endorsement and recognition pathways for selected degree programmes.

The CIMSPA higher education associate partnership is one of two options for universities who wish to participate in the pilot.

Student affiliation requirements

HE partners will be asked to register final year students on associated courses as CIMSPA student affiliates, to enable the best possible transition into the workplace. See separate benefits package HERE



For more information, please contact

Helen Hiley
Education Officer - Higher Education
Email:  helen.hiley@cimspa.co.uk 
Telephone: 01509 226474

 *Universities and FE colleges delivering HE degree programmes

PHOTO: Courtesy of School for Sport and Biomedical Sciences, University of Bolton