Higher and further education partner

CIMSPA’s higher and further education partnerships give colleges and universities a credible relationship with the single chartered professional body for the sport and physical activity sector, and also provide their students* with official CIMSPA student affiliate status and a route into membership on graduation.

*From qualifying courses

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity has been tasked by government and Sport England to oversee the sector’s workforce development improvement project.

A key part of this work is ensuring both that sector-relevant HE and FE learning programmes have “employability” baked-in, and that our sector’s future professionals are made aware of how CIMSPA can help their career prospects.

CIMSPA’s HE and FE partnerships represent just the first step towards meeting these ambitions and are your institution’s pathway to participating in our workforce development improvement project.

The HE/FE partner offer

  • Qualifying students enrolled as CIMSPA student affiliates (see benefits package below)
  • An official CIMSPA partner logo and certificate to recognise the institution’s partnership with the sector’s chartered professional body
  • Consultation on, and engagement with, standards development for the sector’s professional standards matrix
  • Early access to CIMSPA’s higher and further education learning programme endorsement system (now under development**)
  • Listing on the CIMSPA HE/FE partner directory
  • Quarterly HE/FE bulletin – updates on professional standards work and how the university can leverage their CIMSPA partnership
  • Guest lecturer presentation*

*(If more than 100 student affiliates are provided by the university/college each year)
** Separate endorsement fees will apply

Student affiliate – the benefits for your students

  • Online access to S&PA Professional, the quarterly CIMSPA magazine
  • Access to the CIMSPA online library and policy guidance collection, including access to the magazine archive
  • CIMSPA member bulletin – a carefully curated selection of sector reports, guidance, useful resources and news, sent fortnightly
  • S&PA Extra – the monthly digital newsletter counterpart to the CIMSPA magazine
  • CIMSPA Academy - access to FREE recognised CPD eLearning for students

Partnership requirements/fees

  • The HE partnership is available to all UK universities and the FE partnership is exclusively available for colleges who are members of AoC Sport.
  • Partnership fees are per student – £5+VAT per student per academic year.
  • CIMSPA then delivers affiliation benefits based on an agreed set of contact information provided to CIMSPA by the college / university.

Apply for a CIMSPA HE/FE partnership

Visit our HE/FE partner application gateway to download the application resources.