Personal logos for members

CIMSPA members now have access to personal logos to recognise their membership of the sector's chartered professional body.

With the rise in self-employment and the increase in our membership categories, increasing numbers of CIMSPA members now need to build a personal brand and connect with customers, and these logos will help achieve this.

The logos are ideal for business cards, personal websites and online portfolios. Each applicable membership category has its own logo and members are only permitted to use the logo designed for their category.

Download your logo here:

Which logo should I use?

Membership category Logo filename
Affiliate (leisure operations) CIMSPA personal logo_Affiliate.jpg
Affiliate (exercise & fitness) CIMSPA personal logo_Affiliate.jpg 

Practitioner (exercise & fitness) 

Coaching Assistant Practitioner

Coach Practitioner

CIMSPA personal logo_Practitioner.jpg 

Coach Advanced Practitioner

CIMSPA personal logo_Advanced-Practitioner.jpg
Associate CIMSPA personal logo_Associate.jpg 
Member   CIMSPA personal logo_Member.jpg
Fellow   CIMSPA personal logo_Fellow.jpg
Chartered member   CIMSPA personal logo_Chartered-Member.jpg 
Chartered fellow   CIMSPA personal logo_Chartered-Fellow.jpg
Companion  CIMSPA personal logo_Companion.jpg