Risk assessment manual (sixth edition)

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The CIMSPA risk assessment manual is the definitive tool to assist sport and recreation managers in the risk assessment process.

First published in 1993, the CIMSPA risk assessment manual has become a cornerstone of good practice guidance for sport and leisure facility operators. Over the years it has been extensively used in the UK and has been referenced in a number of industry legal cases as the benchmark for a suitable risk assessment. It is also referenced in the European standard on swimming pool operation-BSEN15288 as a template for risk assessment.

What is unique about the CIMSPA risk assessment manual is that it provides detailed prompts on the control measures to examine, rather than the assessor starting with a blank sheet of paper.

This assists in ensuring that the assessment is suitable and sufficient.

The sixth edition is now available, replacing the 2011 version. All the risk assessments have been reviewed and updated by industry specialists, taking into account learning points from legal cases, changes to industry guidance and feedback from operators.

Specific emphasis has been given to developing the manual to also meet the needs of the sports leadership sector.

The publication is in five sections:

  • Introduction: Guidance on how to conduct a suitable and sufficient risk assessment and how to use the Microsoft Excel Workbooks.
  • Part A: Specific facility or activity-wide risk assessment charts, e.g. fire, first aid (28 subject areas)
  • Part B: Swimming pool and related wet area risk assessment charts (6 subject areas)
  • Part C: Indoor facilities management risk assessment charts e.g. gymnasiums, ice rinks, theatres (25 subject areas)
  • Part D: Outdoor facilities management risk assessment charts e.g. athletics, golf, grounds maintenance (11 subject areas)

What’s new in the sixth edition?

  • A new sport and physical activity section focussing on the planning and delivery of activity programmes both at existing facilities and for off-site trips.
  • New activity risk assessments including parkour, archery and table tennis.
  • New outdoor risk assessments; skate and wheels parks, tennis courts, pavilions, hockey and rugby pitches.
  • Pools – significant revision in light of expert witness experience and revision to HSG179.
  • New section on unlifeguarded pools.
  • New assessments for ice baths and health and beauty treatments.
  • New assessment template for community halls.

Main revisions

All risk assessments have been reviewed and most amended; significant revisions to gymnasium, trampolining, gymnastics, aerobics, bomb and terrorist threat, violence at work, lone working, bloodborne viruses, noise at work and driving.

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Product details

  • Size: A4
  • Format: 20 page guidance document booklet plus CD-ROM (Microsoft Excel and Word required)
  • Published: 2016