The policy

Most members must complete 10 points of continuing professional development per membership subscription year, at a level relevant to their membership category.

The importance of professional development

Sport and physical activity professionals should keep their skills and knowledge up to date, as well as extending their skillset wherever possible. Continuing professional development (CPD) is the practice of undertaking additional learning through courses, workshops or conferences or taking part in other activities which confirm that their knowledge, understanding and skills are suitable for their role in our sector.

Why CIMSPA’s CPD policy exists...

Government and Sport England have backed CIMSPA to lead on increasing the professionalisation of our sector’s workforce.

To help achieve this goal, CIMSPA has policy which will require most members to complete a defined amount of CPD per membership subscription year, at a level relevant to their membership category.

This is an important step forwards in our evolution as a chartered professional body and will help our ongoing work to further establish a career in sport, leisure, fitness and physical activity as a recognised profession.

CPD requirements defined

Most members will be required to successfully complete 10 points of CPD per membership subscription year.

A minimum of 5 points should be from CPD category 1 – endorsed (section A & B).

Category 1 – “endorsed” is training that has been mapped against and aligns to relevant industry-recognised professional standards.

The remaining 5 points can be from CPD category 2 – developmental (section C & D).

Category 2 – “developmental” is training that doesn't map against such professional standards but has been recognised as supporting ongoing career development.

(*See table here for full category by category details)  

  • To count towards the CIMSPA annual requirement, CPD must be appropriate to the person’s membership category.
  • Any additional CPD undertaken from other categories will be considered on application
  • Members can complete all 10 points from category 1 if they wish.
  • The CIMSPA training and events calendar will identify in which CPD category each seminar/workshop etc belongs.
  • 1 hour of learning time = 1 CPD point. This is regardless of the method of learning.
  • CIMSPA will allocate and record CPD points.

Recognising recently awarded qualifications

For NEW members, 10 CPD points will be awarded to individuals who have achieved a CIMSPA-recognised membership entry qualification in the 6 months prior to joining, thus fulfilling CPD requirements for their first membership year.