CPD policy questions and answers

Questions and answers

Which CIMSPA membership categories will be required to undertake annual CPD?

  • Affiliate
  • Affiliate (exercise and fitness)
  • Associate
  • Practitioner (exercise and fitness)
  • Member
  • Fellow
  • Chartered member

NOTE: Due to their status as CIMSPA’s most senior members, chartered fellows are not required to formally document their CPD. It is more likely that our chartered fellows will contribute to others’ CPD through the mentoring framework CIMSPA is creating.

Retired members do not have to complete CPD requirements each membership year.

When does this affect me?

For those in the CIMSPA affiliate (exercise and fitness) or CIMSPA practitioner (exercise and fitness) membership categories

Required CPD started from 1 April 2016.

For those in other CIMSPA membership categories who joined after 1 May 2016

Required CPD starts immediately, from the subscription date shown in the “Details” column of your membership invoice. i.e if your subscription start date is 1 June 2016, you will have until 31 May 2017 to achieve CPD requirements.

For those in other CIMSPA membership categories who joined before 1 May 2016

Required CPD will start from membership renewal dates on or after 1 August 2016. i.e if your renewal date is 1 December 2016, you will have until 30 November 2017 to achieve CPD requirements.

How do I know which CPD events/training are appropriate for me?

This will be clearly stated on every listing in the CIMSPA training and events calendar and in the calendars of our exercise and fitness CPD delivery partners.

Where can I find CPD opportunities?

CIMSPA recognised CPD is delivered by CIMSPA Skills Development Partners. Go HERE to see a full list of over 275 recognised training and CPD opportunities.

What about online learning?

CIMSPA has an online learning programme, the CIMSPA Academy. Many of these courses will be free to members, and will count towards meeting your CPD requirements.

How much will CPD opportunities cost?

For CIMSPA members, fellows, chartered members and chartered fellows
For those in the above categories (i.e. those with a membership subscription fee of £140 or higher per year), selected face-to-face leisure operations stream CPD workshops will be free*. This could be worth up to 7 of your 10 required CPD points.
* Does not include exercise and fitness stream CPD delivered by Future Fit Training or other exercise and fitness CPD partners

  • Face-to-face leisure operations stream CPD training starts from just £25 per person for CIMSPA members.
  • Exercise and fitness stream CPD starts from just £65 per course.
  • Many of the planned online courses will be free to members.

Other important information

  • In extenuating circumstances members can write to the CIMSPA membership and disciplinary committee to explain why they have been unable to achieve the 10 CPD point requirement. Circumstances could include long term injury / illness, maternity leave.
  • If a member achieves more than 10 points of CPD in one membership year, the additional points cannot be carried over into the following year.