Chartered membership application appeals

If you are unsuccessful at any stage, and disagree with the outcome, you can submit an appeal.

You may request that your submission is reassessed on the basis of a specific disagreement with the decision of the Assessors and/or CIMSPA Membership and Disciplinary Committee outlined in your feedback.


You must submit your appeal in writing to CIMSPA detailing why you disagree with the decision on your application.

Membership Department - Appeals
The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity
SportPark Loughborough University
3 Oakwood Drive
LE11 3QF

The letter must be accompanied by payment covering the chartered membership appeal fee of £50.00 including VAT. On receipt, the membership team will acknowledge your appeal within 7 working days.

A review will be undertaken by a chartered Membership assessor who was not involved with your initial assessment. The new assessor will review the notes on the basis of the original assessment criteria and with reference to your detailed argument disagreeing with the decision.

The result of the appeal will be despatched to you after the CIMSPA membership and disciplinary committee have periodically met to review submissions and appeals. These review meetings will be held on a quarterly basis.

Should the appeal be successful, the application fee shall be refunded.