Fees and process

Partnership fees

How much does it cost?

  • Partnership application fee - £250+VAT

Initial partnership applications will be reviewed within 5 working days. CIMSPA will invoice applicants for initial application and recognition fees following the review process. 

As added value for our existing Employer Partners, there is no initial partnership application fee.

CPD Courses

  • Training activity application fee - £250 +VAT

Paid per training activity submitted for recognition (during the initial application, this is capped at a maximum of £3000+VAT). CIMSPA will contact applicants when training activities have been successfully reviewed (within 10 working days of submission) to request payment.

  • Annual training activity revalidation fee - £125+VAT

Paid per training activity to maintain CIMSPA recognition of that activity. Revalidation fees are capped at £1500+VAT.


  • Annual partnership revalidation fee - £250+VAT

To maintain your status as a CIMSPA Skills Development Partner for the delivery of regulated qualifications a £250+VAT revalidation fee is payable annually. This fee is not applicable to skills development partners only offering non-regulated training activities.

Becoming a CIMSPA skills development partner and getting training recognised

This is a two-step process:

  • CIMSPA assesses your organisation as a whole against our partnership criteria.
  • Each training activity will then be individually assessed for recognition.

To become a partner, organisations must successfully submit at least one training activity for recognition, and maintain at least one recognised training activity for the duration of their partnership.

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