Pool Water Testing Poster

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This poster outlines the Institute's recommendations for pool water testing procedures in simple to follow steps. It covers pH, chlorine, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and more and is an essential guide for all swimming pool operators.

The poster is designed for use in plant rooms as an "at a glance" reminder of a number of different pool water testing procedures.


  • Get the basics right
    • Taking a water sample
    • Using a comparator
    • Using a photometer
  • Test for free chlorine
  • Test for total chlorine
  • Calculating combined chlorine
  • Test for pH
  • Test for total alkalinity
  • Test for calcium hardness
  • Langelier test for balanced water
  • Recommended water quality values
    • Disinfectant residual
    • Chlorinated isocyanurates
    • pH value
    • Total alkalinity
    • Calcium hardness
  • Other tests
    • Total dissolved solids (TDS)
    • Sulphates 

Product details

  • Size: A2
  • Format: Full colour encapsulated poster
  • Published: 2001, revised 2007, revised 2012