Safe Supervision For Teaching and Coaching Swimming

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This is a joint publication from CIMSPA, ASA, IOS and Lifesavers (RLSS UK). The guidance is aimed at the owners and operators of all swimming pools where teaching or coaching takes place, and at those who undertake such activities. It deals with risk assessment, safety supervision and the safe ratios of pupils to teachers and coaches.


  • Introduction
  • The legal background
  • Programmed and unprogrammed activities
  • Safe supervision
  • The role of risk assessment
  • Safety factors in risk assessment
    • Pool design
    • Depth
    • Water quality
    • Pool organisation
    • Staffing
    • Pupils and ability
  • Teaching from the poolside
  • Pupil teacher ratios
    • Exceptions
  • Teachers’ responsibilities
  • Further information and guidance

Product details

  • Size: A4
  • Number of pages: 8
  • Format: Booklet: full-colour throughout
  • Published: 2nd edition 2001, reprinted 2012