Professional standards – acknowledgements

CIMSPA would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for contributing to the development of our professional standards.

CIMSPA professional development board

  • Richard Millard (chair): Places for People Leisure (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Jeff Lynch (vice chair): GLL (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Jonathan Duckworth: Swim England/ASA Awarding Body (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner)
  • Harvey Gosling: Everyone Active (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Pip Werbinski: Virgin Active 
  • Chris Foster: Nuffield Health (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Dean Horridge: Fit for Sport
  • Vicky Williams: Lawn Tennis Association
  • Karen Todd: David Lloyd
  • James Duncan: Fusion Lifestyle (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Steve Ward: ukactive
  • Marcus Kingwell: Association of Colleges 
  • Heather Sinclair: DCMS
  • Justin Varney: Public Health England
  • Caroline Fraser: Sport England
  • Association of Employment and Learning Providers
  • Federation of Awarding Bodies
  • Dave Marshall: British Gymnastics
  • Chris Fennell: Watford Borough Council
  • Phil Rumbelow: Jubilee Hall Trust (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Kevin Wright: [EN]GAGE fitness (CIMSPA employer partner) 

CIMSPA leisure operations professional development committee

STANDARDS: Recreation Assistant, Swimming Teacher, Lifeguard

  • Jeff Lynch, Emma Lewis & Mac Cleves: GLL (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Harvey Gosling, Jacqui Tilman & Richard Chatwin: Everyone Active (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • James Duncan: Fusion Lifestyle (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Jon Whiteley: Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Richard Roeton: Everybody Sport and Recreation (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Tim Spencer: Erewash Borough Council (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Claire Brisbourne: Swimming Teachers Association (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner)
  • Lee Buck: Active IQ (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner)
  • Martin Symcox: IQL UK (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner)
  • Nick Worsey: ICON Training (CIMSPA skills development partner)
  • Chris Beck: Lifetime Training (CIMSPA skills development partner)
  • Paul Smith: Brighton Swim School (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Sue McGrath: Parkwood Leisure (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Jon Glenn, Frances Gibbs & Simon Stevens: Swim England/ASA Awarding Body (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner)
  • Rebecca Cox: The Institute of Swimming (CIMSPA skills development partner)

CIMSPA exercise and fitness professional development committee

STANDARDS: Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Core Group Exercise Instructor

  • Nick Green and Sean McBurney: Nuffield Health (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Pip Werbinski: Virgin Active
  • James Duncan: Fusion Lifestyle (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Elaine Denton: David Lloyd Leisure.
  • David McLean: Edinburgh Leisure (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Joe Oliver: Your Personal Trainer (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Kevin Wright: [En]gage (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Tom Desborough: Barnsley Premier Leisure (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Karen Stanton: ROKO (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Lee Buck: Active IQ (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner)
  • Vicky Mose: YMCA Awards (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner)
  • Emma Goode: Innovate Awarding (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner)
  • Chris Fox: NCFE (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner)
  • Pete Banbury: HPT5
  • Elaine Briggs: Future Fit Training (CIMSPA skills development partner)
  • Sarah Dumford: Les Mills UK (CIMSPA skills development partner)
  • Emma Forward: EMD UK (CIMSPA skills development partner)


CIMSPA would like to thank the following organisations for sourcing photography used in the CIMSPA professional standards matrix.

  • Fusion Lifestyle
  • IQL UK
  • Erewash Borough Council
  • AoC Sport
  • Swim England
  • Kirklees Active Leisure
  • Warwick Independent School