Use of Play Equipment & Water Features in Swimming Pools

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The use of play equipment in swimming pools has increased dramatically as managers seek to optimise usage of all pool areas and expand the number of activities on offer. This suggested code of practice examines the safety issues surrounding the use of various types of inflatables and other equipment designed for fun use with a view to recommending safe practice.

This edition features:

  • Cross references to other publications and standards operators need to be aware of.
  • Greater focus and guidance on using the document to conduct an effective risk assessment.
  • Reviewed and updated lifeguarding requirements, based on real world experience and incidents since the last edition.
  • Combined guidance on sealed and constant blow inflatables. 

Product details

  • Size: A4
  • Number of pages: 45
  • Format: Book - colour cover, black and white inside pages
  • Published: 1994, Revised 1997 and 2009