Vintage Poster

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Remember this?

  • The iconic “will patrons kindly refrain from” poster is etched on the memories of generations of swimmers, listing a multitude of offences which the all-powerful lifeguards would clamp down on with a piercing whistle and a pointed finger.
  • After repeated requests from the public, CIMSPA has made this vintage poster available for purchase for retail customers' personal use. This special edition of the poster is printed A2 (42 x 60 cm) in size on high quality art paper.
  • Please note that this product is supplied for personal use only and is NOT intended for use as a pool safety poster. The poster image is subject to copyright and may not be replicated or reproduced except under license from CIMSPA.

Product details

  • Size: A2 (42 x 60 cm)
  • Format: Colour poster