Training to maintain or upgrade your professional status

We’re making sure that our members can both easily maintain their membership eligibility, and also progress and upgrade their professional status.

The value and importance of CPD

A commitment to career-long continuous professional development (CPD) CPD is at the centre of our work to develop a recognised and respected profession in the sport and physical activity sector.

CPD is the key to how you:

  • Stay deployable within the scope of your occupational role
  • Maintain your professional status

Our CPD requirements – A quick summary

Maintaining the professionalism of our members.

  • Members* are required to complete 10 points of Continuing Professional development (CPD) per membership subscription year.
  • Remember that the CPD you complete should be at an appropriate level and in topics relevant to your membership category.
What is CPD?

Endorsed CPD

A minimum of 5 points per year must be CIMSPA endorsed CPD

  • Endorsed CPD means that training has been quality assured by CIMSPA and is delivered by a CIMSPA education partner.
  • Examples of Endorsed CPD are technical qualifications, degrees, an apprenticeship or short courses, workshops, and eLearning.

Non-endorsed CPD

The remaining 5 points can be either endorsed CPD or non-endorsed CPD

  • Non-endorsed means it has not been quality assured by CIMSPA and is not delivered by a CIMSPA education partner.
  • Examples of Non-Endorsed CPD are: employer-led staff training, training or qualifications offered by education providers that are not in partnership with CIMSPA e.g. a first aid certificate delivered by a training provider not in partnership with CIMSPA.

Next steps

  • Make sure you understand our CPD policy for members – this is HERE.
  • Take a look at the resources we have to help your professional development below.
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