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Sport and physical activity is both consumed and delivered in incredibly diverse settings. It’s vital that as a sector we can clearly communicate who we are, how we work and the impact we have in order to drive investment and continue to increase participation. Access resources below to understand and continue to shape the view we have of sport and physical activity.

Defining the UK Sport & Physical Activity Sector Workforce - Report


A detailed view of the sector through two distinct lenses; industry and occupation linking to the government’s index of how we are viewed by the government.

Defining The Sport & Physical Activity Workforce – Research Guidance


Learn how to conduct your own research in line with this adopted view of the sport and physical activity sector.


CIMSPA Workforce Insight Report 2020


This is a comprehensive report looking predominantly at the paid workforce across all of sport and physical activity including the size of the workforce, the profile and diversity of the workforce, the trends that we’ve seen, the threats and also a look into how the workforce may evolve in the future.


CIMSPA Covid 19 Sector Impact Phase 1 Report


Understanding the immediate impact of COVID-19 on sport and physical activity.

CIMSPA Covid 19 Sector Impact Phase 2 Report


Understanding how sport and physical activity adapted to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

CIMSPA Covid 19 Sector Impact Phase 3 Recovery Report


Understanding how sport and physical activity was recovering as services were able to open up post pandemic.

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