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Annual Report 2022-23

This year the CIMSPA Annual Report 2022-23 is focused on progress.

We’ve split our report into two sections. In the first half, we are shining a spotlight on the impact of our work on the wider sector, highlighting key projects, areas of development and our members. In the second, we have covered how we are governed as an organisation, giving insight into the structures that drive us forward.

CIMSPA is the professional development body for sport and physical activity in the UK, committed to supporting, developing, and enabling individuals and organisations to succeed and as a result, inspire our nation to becomes more active. This drives our vision: to shape a recognised, valued and inclusive sport and physical activity sector that everyone can be a part of.


  • We have now issued over 2000+ Higher Education Professional Qualification certificates for learners on Endorsed CIMSPA degrees.
  • 932 individuals most in need received funding for a qualification through ReTrain to ReTain.
  • Our added value for members has increased, with a member benefits package worth up to £2000 in value.
  • The CIMSPA Jobs Board has launched, with an average of 4640 jobs included from CIMSPA employer partners.
  • Our Local Skills Development Plan has continued to grow, with coverage of local areas and counties now being taken care of by 13 Skills Hub Managers.
  • The Digital Marketing Hub has continued to develop with over 8000 users registered.

Welcome to CIMSPA’s 2022-23 Annual report, where we highlight some of our key projects and initiatives that have benefitted our members and our partners. More broadly, we have also tracked the impact that these initiatives have had on the sport and physical activity workforce and sector over the last year.

During the last 12 months, we have seen the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic receding, but leaving behind challenges for the nation’s health, wellbeing and finances. At CIMSPA, we have tried to alleviate some of these more immediate pressures for those working in sport and physical activity, whilst looking to the future and continuing to build on our work to meet the needs of the sector, and the nation at large.

We are proud to have made real progress in many areas, from local delivery, to support projects for individuals, supporting the community and those organisations and people who work within it.

We have also included CIMSPA’s 2022-23 Annual Governance Review, published in line with the UK Sport and Sport England Code for Sports Governance and the Charity Governance Code.

Our goal as the single chartered professional body for sport and physical activity is to prioritise the highest governance standards and to embody exemplar organisational behaviours, as we build a recognised and respected profession for the sector’s workforce.

This governance review demonstrates our commitment to transparency and acts as a marker that can be used to track our future progress on key metrics such as equality, diversity and the work of our boards, panels and committees.

CIMSPA Annual Report 2022-23