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CIMSPA’s sector support during Covid-19

CIMSPA demonstrated a strong record of effective sector support and project delivery during the Covid 19 pandemic.

From the outset it rapidly became clear that the pandemic would drive rapid change towards a new normal for society. Our strategy throughout was balancing these “now and the next” priorities on behalf of the sector.

So, for all the challenges the pandemic presented, we have always kept focus on the longer horizon. For example, our Covid-specific ReTrain and ReTrain to ReTain programmes have laid the foundations for a once in a generation reworking of employer demand-driven learning and development in sport and physical activity.

Stronger Together

CIMSPA pivoted its work to build a framework of support for the sport and physical activity sector. This became our “Stronger Together” concept:

Support for our sector

Representing everyone working in sport and physical activity


Support for your business

Helping our sector’s businesses support their staff and customers.


Support for you

Ensuring our sector’s people are supported through challenging times.


Recover and reinvent

We’re working in parallel with Sport England and other key partners to achieve the best for everyone working in our world as we emerge from the pandemic.

  • Our Skills Improvement Trailblazer Programme pilot is the first step towards leveraging the government’s £65m skills accelerator programme – to better meet the needs of the physical activity and sport sector locally, and to have maximum positive impact on communities and the local economy.
  • We’re developing high value qualifications tailored to meeting the needs of employers in the region who need multi-skilled staff to fill skills gaps left by the pandemic.

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“This isn’t about going back to where we were before. As we recover together, we have an opportunity to use the disruption Covid-19 has brought to accelerate progress - to reinvent as more agile, inclusive and resilient and to change the way we do things so we better meet the needs of everyone, in every community”.

Sport England - uniting the movement

Insight and evidence

Our work throughout the pandemic was always evidence-driven, built on the results from multiple well-supported insight surveys completed by hundreds of sector organisations and thousands of workforce participants.

Major projects delivered during Covid 19

Part of our work to support the sector

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CIMSPA Digital Marketing Hub

Helping the sport and physical activity sector connect and engage with communities.

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ReTrain to ReTain

Tools, training and services to enable our people to return to work safely and with confidence.

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Delivering Online

Delivering sport and physical activity online

CIMSPA policy and guidance - defining and enabling good practice.

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This project is now complete.

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Returning to sport and physical activity with confidence.

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Retooling the sport and physical activity sector’s workforce