CIMSPA Member Code of Conduct

CIMSPA’s New Member Code of Conduct – September 2022 edition

CIMSPA recognises that its members and their professional practice are an integral part in CIMSPA’s work towards achieving its vision of creating a recognised and respected sport and physical activity Sector that everyone wants to be a part of. As such, this Member Code of Conduct belongs to you, our members, and we hope you’ll view it in the same way we do: as a proactive tool to support you in maintaining your high standards and reinforcing recognition of your professionalism.

All new members will be joining membership against the revised Member Code of Conduct, with existing members transitioning to the revised code on portal activation.

What is the Code of Conduct?

The Code details mandatory requirements relating to practice, behaviour and attitudes, that all CIMSPA members must fully adhere to at all times, regardless of membership level, category, or status.

The Member Code of Conduct has been designed to be a point of reference for CIMSPA members, employers and Stakeholders who engage with the workforce of the sport and physical activity sector. The Code serves to increase public confidence and trust in the Sector’s workforce, by outlining the minimum standards of conduct and practice in members’ duties to Stakeholders, the profession, and to the Chartered Institute (CIMSPA) which they are a member of.

An Agreed Code

This Member Code of Conduct has been developed by CIMSPA within our remit as the Chartered Professional Body and lead workforce agency for the UK Sport and Physical Activity Sector. CIMSPA is incorporated under its Royal Charter, with the permission of the Privy Council on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, to promote and advance sport and physical activity for the public benefit.

The Code has been developed in consultation with CIMSPA members. CIMSPA would like to extend its thanks to the members who dedicated their time and contribution in support of this publication.

This guidance has been designed to support with Member compliance to the Code of Conduct.


New CIMSPA Member Code of Conduct - September 2022


CIMSPA Member Code of Conduct guidance document


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