Quality assurance

Our commitment to quality-assured training provision for the sector.

Our commitment to quality assurance

The CIMSPA quality assurance process has been created as part of our ongoing work to professionalise the sector.

CIMSPA employer partners, funders and stakeholders have placed their faith in CIMSPA to ensure anyone trained to work in our sector has the knowledge, skills and behaviours to be successful in their career.

The CIMSPA quality assurance process has been implemented as part of the wider aims of the Sport England Workforce strategy. As the sector’s only chartered body, our role is to ensure that everyone in our sector is working to a consistently high standard, and are equipped with the right knowledge, skills, and behaviours to perform their roles and progress in their career.

By conducting quality assurance checks, using our team of Quality Assurance Advisors, CIMSPA are working in-line with requests from employers and the government to ensure that there is an incremental increase in the quality of training for everyone in the sector. A key request from CIMSPA employer partners has been to ensure that any training and providers of that training are supporting our collective goal; to have a recognised and respected profession.

As such, the function of the QA policy is to create a clear and consistent standard across all sport and physical activity sector training, allowing our sector to grow and advance into an environment which is focused on a respected and recognised professional workforce. The process has been engineered to guarantee that training providers are delivering training that adheres to their own codes of conduct, as well as other good practice guidelines such as health and safety and safeguarding.

Ultimately, the focus of the QA process and all our QA visits is the learners. We have a responsibility to our members to ensure that they have a fantastic learning experience, that supports them in achieving their goals. All training that is CIMSPA endorsed or accredited should provide better employability, and a high standard of learning throughout the course; whether this is CPD or the quality of training and how this allows them to put their learning into practice.



To find out more about our Quality Assurance process, please contact Head of Education Natasha Eason on: natasha.eason@cimspa.co.uk


CIMSPA Quality Assurance Strategy


This strategy explains CIMSPA’s approach to education and quality assurance.

CIMSPA Quality Assurance Framework


This framework has been devised by CIMSPA for use from 2023.

CIMSPA Quality Assurance Boundaries


The boundaries have been devised by CIMSPA for use from 2023.