CIMSPA Education Partners Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality-assured training provision for the sector.

CIMSPA’s role is to ensure that everyone in our sector is working to a consistently high standard, and are equipped with the right knowledge, skills, and behaviours to perform their roles and progress in their career.

When organisations become CIMSPA Education Partners, we can officially endorse their CPD, training, and qualifications. To ensure endorsed products are of the highest standards, we ensure all partners go through a quality assurance checking process leading to a CIMSPA Quality Assurance Outcome.

Outcome Ratings

These outcomes apply to Training Provider Partners, Higher Education Partners, and Further Education Partners. Awarding Organisation Partners work differently and so have their own unique outcome ratings.

3-Star - Enhancing

Enhancing partners have evidenced best practice within most of their operations, processes, and procedures.

They are seen to be offering the highest quality provision to their learners by CIMSPA.

2-Star - Enabling

Enabling partners have evidenced some good practice with their operations, processes, and procedures, with minimal areas which require development.

These partners are provided with a clear action plan to support their development to ensure development of their provision.

1-Star – Emerging

Emerging partners meet the minimum standards for operation and have a timed action plan to ensure adherence to CIMSPA’s standards and expectations.

Bespoke support is provided to make sure enough quality developments are made before the next review.

CIMSPA Partners’ education and training

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Endorsed Training Directory

Visit the CIMSPA Endorsed Training Directory to view all our endorsed products and each providers latest Quality Assurance Outcome

Approach and Assessment

Following a CIMSPA endorsement, we assess our providers to ensure if they are delivering training that adheres to their own codes of conduct, as well as other good practice guidelines such as health and safety and safeguarding.

The reviews are carried out by our team of independent Quality Assurance Advisors and are split into three categories*:

  1. Quality of Education
  2. Learner Journey
  3. Marketing and Promotion

Success in these categories is measured through analysis of examples of evidence provided by the partners in accordance with their evidence frameworks.

*Awarding Organisations function differently to Training Provider Partners, Higher Education Partners, and Further Education Partners and so are reviewed in their own unique way.


Find out more about the review process and evidence frameworks for each of our Education Partners.

Training Provider Partner Quality Assurance Framework


Higher Education Partner Quality Assurance Framework


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To find out more about our Quality Assurance processes, please contact our Quality Assurance Manager - Linzi Waite on:

Quality Assurance Strategy


This strategy explains CIMSPA’s approach to education and quality assurance.