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CIMSPA member directory

The definitive list of qualified and recognised sport and physical activity professionals.


CIMSPA partner directory

Over 300 organisations work with CIMSPA to provide rewarding careers for their people and great education and training.


CIMSPA supplier partner directory

Our supplier partners provide a range of benefits and rewards for CIMSPA members.


Endorsed professional standards qualifications and degrees directory

The links below are to our directories listing endorsed professional standards qualifications and degrees. These are provided by our awarding organisation and higher education partners and can be used to achieve CIMSPA membership

Occupational professional standards

Gym Instructor; Personal Trainer; Core Group Exercise Instructor; Coach; Coaching Assistant; Swimming Teacher; Strength & Conditioning Trainer; Graduate S&C Coach; Health Navigator; Lifeguard; Assistant Swimming Teacher; Pool Plant Operative; Recreation Assistant; Aspiring Manager; Entry Manager; General Manager; Senior Manager 

Population specialism professional standards

Working with Inactive People; Working with People with Long Term Conditions; Working with Antenatal and Postnatal Clients; Working inclusively (working with disabled people); Working with Children 0-5 years; Working with Children

Environment specialism professional standards

Working in the Community Environment; Working in the School Environment (Out of Curriculum); Coaching in High-Performance Sport

Technical specialism professional standards

Safeguarding Children; Safeguarding Adults

Endorsed CPD directory

The link below is to our directory listing endorsed CPD. These are provided by our training provider, awarding organisation and higher education partners.

Endorsed CPD

Provided by CIMSPA Awarding Organisation, Higher Education and Training Provider Partners