Chartered manager

Your chartered status

You will be awarded the status of either:

  • Chartered Manager Member MCIMSPA (ch)
  • Chartered Manager Fellow FCIMSPA (ch)

These are nationally recognosed hallmarks of a qualified professional who has demonstrated excellence and impact.

There are two separate chartered statuses for managers:

Chartered Manager Member

MCIMSPA (chartered)

Have you held an operational management role for a significant period of time?

Does your role include the management of both people and resources?

Can you demonstrate:

  • Responsibility for implementing an organisation’s strategy?
  • Evidence of achieving a higher level of practice above the relevant CIMSPA Professional Standard?
  • Success in achieving operational targets?

If so, great news! You sound like an excellent candidate for Chartered Manager Member.

Chartered Manager Fellow

FCIMSPA (chartered)

Do you hold a strategic level position within your organisation, such as a head of leisure or head of coach development?

Are you an innovator, system developer or a creator of strategy?

Can you demonstrate:

  • A track record of success and experience in a role of strategy creation or system development and ownership?
  • A significant contribution to the sport and physical activity sector?
  • Being professionally active in a strategic level position of management, development, research, academia or administration?

If this sounds like you, then you are ready to take your next step to become a Chartered Manager Fellow

Exclusive chartered status benefits

In addition to your CIMSPA membership benefits.

Post Nominal Letters Icon.png


You will be awarded MCIMSPA (chartered) or for Chartered Fellow, FCIMSPA (chartered).

Recognition and Status Icon.png

and status

Chartered status is the pinnacle of professional recognition awarded by the sector’s chartered professional body

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and mentor

Be a leading part of improving and advancing the sport and physical activity sector

Start your application today!

To start your journey to the highest level of professional recognition in sport and physical activity, complete the enquiry form linked below.

Our chartered membership lead, George Sheldon, will then contact you to guide you through your first steps to chartered success.

My chartered journey

Explore the stories of those who have already achieved the highest professional recognition in sport and physical activity.

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Kayley Stabler

MCIMSPA (Ch) | Chartered Activity and Health Practitioner

Kayley Stabler
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David Langford

MCIMSPA (Ch) | Chartered Activity and Health Practitioner

David Langford
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Lee Caunce

MCIMSPA (Ch) | Chartered Management

Lee Caunce

Need help with your application?

See our chartered status application FAQs HERE.
Or, if you would like further support, get in touch or call our membership hotline on 03438 360200,

Chartered status – fees summary


The cost of a Chartered application is £300 (inc VAT).

Annual membership fees

Membership category  Annual membership cost 
Chartered Manager Member  £234 (inc VAT) 
Chartered Manager Fellow  £270 (inc VAT)
Chartered Activity and Health Practitioner  £168 (inc VAT)


  • You MUST already be a CIMSPA member to apply for chartered status
  • If successful, the additional cost of your annual chartered membership fee will be pro-rated to coincide with your existing membership year.