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General enquiries

Tel: 03438 360200

Office hours: Mon-Thurs 8.30am - 4.30pm, Friday 8.30am - 4pm.

Out of office hours: Please leave a message and our team will get back to you.


Media and PR enquiries


Postal address

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity
Loughborough University
3 Oakwood Drive
LE11 3QF

CIMSPA staff information

Tara Dillon FCIMSPA (chartered)
Chief Executive Officer

Spencer Moore FCIMSPA
Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Annette Wade-Clarke
Director of Marketing and Communications

Colin Huffen MCIMSPA
Associate Director - Policy and Professional Services
Tel: 01509 458371

Natasha Eason MCIMSPA
Associate Director - National Training Academy
Tel: 01509 458373
Mob: 07741 643066

Clare Dunn MCIMSPA
Associate Director - Business Engagement
Mob: 07741 655682

David Edgeley
Interim Head of Membership Services

Meg Hurlock-Swan
Membership Experience Manager

India Shaw
Membership Services Officer
Tel: 01509 458393

George Sheldon
Chartered Membership Lead
Tel: 01509 458401

Jason Leker
Membership Services Officer
Tel: 01509 974586

Justine Allwood-Hewitt MCIMSPA
Membership Services Officer
Tel: 01509 974587

Ambra Danaher
Membership Services Officer
Tel: 03438 360200

Nathan Sismey
Membership Services Officer
Tel: 03438 360200

Harry Brown
Membership Services Officer
03438 360200

Ben Hulson MCIMSPA
Regional Partnerships Manager
Mob: 07425 276074

Susie Benson MCIMSPA
Regional Partnerships Manager
Mob: 07483 101701

Alex Roberts
Regional Manager
Mob: 07761 049434

Tom Armstrong
Regional Manager
Mob: 07742 885596

Lee Timothy MCIMSPA
Skills Hub Manager
Mob: 07585 336584

Rafe Turner MCIMSPA
Skills Hub Manager
Mob: 07485 336586

Grace Blackburn MCIMSPA
Lead Skills Hub Manager - Nottinghamshire
Mob: 07485 396810

Robyn Lock
Skills Hub Manager - Wales

Simon Barnes
Skills Hub Manager
Mob: 07596 548526

Andy Gray
Skills hub Manager
Mob: 07596 546713

Michelle Howden
Skills Hub Manager
Mob: 07596 548791

Dani Halsall
Skills Hub Manager
Mob: 07596 547485

Toby Hodder
Skills Hub Manager
Mob: 07761 055560

Matt Hammett
Skills Hub Manager
Mob: 07596 545755

Richard Kerr
Skills Hub Manager
Mob: 07596 548306

Megan Richardson
Skills Hub Manager
Mob: 07596 565445

Sean Cullinane
Skills Hub Officer
Mob: 07355 672564

Hollie Stow
Partnership Engagement Officer

Sara Byrne
Technical Education Manager
Mob: 07483 101712

Jordana Johnston MCIMSPA
Education Manager - Endorsement
Mob: 07833 232712

Seamus MacLeod
Quality Assurance Administrator

Angus Milligan
Education Partnership Manager
Tel: 07761 054525

Aidan Riley
Education Officer
Tel: 01509 458363

Micki Ruggins
Technical Education Officer
Tel: 01509 458362

Andy McGill
Higher Technical Education Manager
Mob: 07523 682043

Linzi Waite
Quality Assurance Manager
Tel: 01509 458400

Anna Wilson MCIMSPA
Events Manager
Mob: 07483 101703

Nicola Edson
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Mob: 07483 101710

John Whittham
Campaigns and Content Executive
Mob: 07486 304032

Georgia Taylor
Content and Campaigns Executive
Mob: 07523 684752

Megan Bridges
Social Media and PR Manager
Mob: 07756 290753

Christian Anderson MCIMSPA
Web and Digital Content Manager
Mob: 07342 882039

Customer service statement

The aim of this customer service statement is to ensure that all stakeholders experience a level of service that meets both the stakeholders’ and CIMSPA’s expectations.