UK Coaching Club

Enjoy your subscription to the exclusive UK Coaching Club

As part of your CIMSPA membership eligible practitioner categories* receive access to the exclusive UK Coaching Club that helps you develop your skills, make great savings, connect with coaches and much more!

As part of our partnership with UK Coaching – the UK’s lead agency for coaching – you’ll enjoy exclusive access to all the resources, support, benefits and learning and development opportunities UK Coaching Club offers.

What is the UK Coaching Club

UK Coaching Club brings the coaching community together in one place. Take advantage of your club membership and experience that energising sense of belonging that will encourage you to learn, challenge and adapt on your way to becoming an even better coach, delivering great coaching experiences for people from all walks of life.

A subscription to the exclusive UK Coaching Club gives you 12-months unlimited access to 500+ exclusive resources, industry-leading member-benefits and some fantastic money-saving offers.

What are the benefits?

Being part of the club:

  • Gives you unlimited access to a huge library of industry training materials, webinars, videos, professional templates, expert guides, toolkits and evidence-based coaching tips that will help you transform your coaching game.
  • Saves you money with industry-leading member benefits and offers from organisations such as Nike, Human Kinetics and Muhdo
  • Provides you with great support with services such as 24/7 1-2-1 professional consultations on legal, tax and counselling.
  • Develops your skills whilst saving you money with exclusive members-only discounts available on a variety of online courses – many CIMSPA endorsed – such as the highly regarded ‘Mental Health Awareness in Sport and Physical Activity+’ where you can enjoy 33% off.
  • Challenge and develop your coaching skills, online, around your lifestyle to support your clients with confidence.

*Access to the UK Coaching Club platform is available to the following Practitioner membership categories: Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor, Group Exercise, Exercise Referral, Swimming Teach, Yoga Instructor Associate, Pilates Instructor Associate, Coach, Coaching Assistant and Senior Activity and Health.


Benefits intro

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Membership for personal trainers, group exercise instructors, gym instructors, sports coaches (including advanced), coaching assistants, swimming teachers, lifeguards, recreation assistants, tai chi and qigong instructors and exercise referral professionals.

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Membership for all managers – from aspiring to senior.

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Yoga Associate


Associate membership for yoga instructors and pilates instructors.

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Group of university students with lecturer

Student or Graduate

Membership for those starting their careers.Associate membership for yoga instructors and pilates instructors.

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Our join option for those who are unqualified but want to keep updated on our sector.