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CIMSPA launches updated strategy to review quality education

This new strategy explains CIMSPA’s approach to education and quality assurance

One of CIMSPA’s key roles is to provide support to all our members and learners in the sector, to ensure they receive excellent education and training to facilitate a fulfilling career in the sport and physical activity sector.

To fulfil this, we will continue to work with our training provider partners to confirm that they continue to provide a high quality education experience for our members and all their customers when delivering endorsed products and services.

It’s also important to know whether they still meet the requirements of our professional standards and codes of conduct.

The aim of this updated strategy is to explain the effective, consistent and fair procedures that will be followed by CIMSPA when conducting quality assurance activities for training providers.

This updated strategy has been defined with training providers in mind. We are currently working on a version for all education partners.

Natasha Eason, Interim Head of Education at CIMSPA, said:

“Our updated strategy is key to enhancing the professional development and training options available to the wider sport and physical activity sector. We believe the strategy will enable us to move towards our goal of supporting and developing organisations to succeed, and as a result, provide the quality education the country needs to deliver quality sport and physical activity. With our wide-range of training provider partners, we’re developing a vibrant, UK-wide sport and physical sector with the highest standards of education and training.”

The updated strategy includes:

  • A list of our obligations under the Charter and Statutes
  • Our approach to quality assurance
  • An acknowledgement of the risks associated with quality assurance
  • Timelines for contract renewal and more

Download the updated Quality Assurance strategy

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