CIMSPA launches new job board

Find your next job opportunity in sport and physical activity

CIMSPA has launched a new job board for sport and physical activity this week. It’s powered by Global Sports, the no.1 specialist careers platform for the international sports industry.

hub.cimspa.co.uk/jobs is free for job seekers to browse over 4,300 opportunities across adventure sport, community sport, exercise and fitness, health and wellbeing, leisure operations and performance sport.

“The ReTrain to Retain job board is a really unique opportunity for those who are out of a job to easily find new opportunities,” said Colin Huffen, Head of Regulation and Standards at CIMSPA. “But it is also there for many others too, including those who are looking to take the next step in their career. There are a broad range of roles available and endless filters to narrow down your search. We are really pleased we can support our partners by making their jobs viewable to a much larger audience, we know how hard it is for our employer partners to recruit people now so we are trying to do what we can to help there. This is one of many things were working on to make our sector a more attractive place to work. You will see in the jobs board there are lots of fantastic well-rewarded opportunities.”

The job board was launched to help support 50,000 sport and physical activity professionals and volunteers who’ve had to find work outside the sector, or had their hours reduced, during the Covid-19 pandemic. It forms part of the £5m ReTrain to Retain programme launched in May last year, funded by Sport England.

You can find all sorts of jobs available on the ReTrain website, from personal trainers to duty managers. The board agreagates jobs from our partners so you’ll also find some jobs outside of of what you might expect to be traditional sport and physical activity opportunties.


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