CIMSPA launches wider consultation for Working with Women and Girls professional standard

CIMSPA is pleased to announce the launch of our latest professional standard consultation for Working with Women and Girls.

We are seeking general feedback on this standard’s content from both individuals and organisations within the sector – especially those with particular expertise in this field. We have been working in conjunction with sector-specific partners to create this standard.

This professional standard will be published later this year. Employers will then have a single point of reference to standardise the recruitment, training and professional development of individuals working in this area.

The draft of Working with Women and Girls professional standard can be downloaded at the link below. The link to the consultation questionnaire is also below.

Working with Women and Girls Professional Standard draft


This consultation is open until 30 June, so make sure to contribute your expertise before the closing date.

CIMSPA is the guardian of a single professional and apprenticeship standards framework for the sport and physical activity sector – the knowledge, skills and behaviours for every sector job role.

This standards framework is driving the development of quality education products for our workforce, and allowing employers the ability to easily assess which job roles an individual is qualified for.