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Introducing the Sport and Physical Activity Workforce Observatory Board

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) is delighted to announce the formation of an advisory board to support the creation and development of the Sport and Physical Activity Workforce Observatory.

Introduced as one of six key system interventions, in CIMSPA’s recently published strategy, Releasing the Power of Our Profession, the Sport and Physical Activity Workforce Observatory will deliver authoritative insight and foresight by leading the curation of intelligence, data trends and future modelling to support data-driven workforce planning, development and management.

The Workforce Observatory will draw together the excellent base of academics and system partner data specialists who already publish research into workforce development for the sport and physical activity sector. By creating a community of these academics and specialists and a central repository for research, the Observatory aims to encourage greater collaboration and streamline the translation of research into operational practice, enabling employers, deployers and policy makers to make more informed decisions for the benefit of the sector workforce and participants.

The advisory board will shape the direction and development of the Sport and Physical Activity Workforce Observatory, which is being created with support from Innovate UK.

Members of the advisory board

  • Steve Osborne MA MBA FCIMSPA (Chartered), Principal Lecturer in Professional and Workforce Development in the Cardiff School of Sport, Cardiff Metropolitan University – Advisory Board Chair
  • Prof Vassil Girginov, Professor in Sport Management/Development at Brunel University
  • Dr Ruth M Crabtree, Head of the Academy of Sport & Physical Activity at Sheffield Hallam University
  • Louise Morby MA, Senior Lecturer in Sports Development at Leeds Beckett University (HEP)
  • Dr Marc Keech, Principal Lecturer at the School of Sport and Health Sciences, University of Brighton (HEP)
  • Prof Joanne Hudson, Professor of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Swansea University
  • Dr Richard Williams, British Society of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Niall Judge, Head of Workforce Development at Sport England
  • Michael Antrobus MA, Learning, Development, and Evaluation Manager at The FA
  • Heather Douglas BA, Head of Coaching and Policy at UK Coaching (TPP)
  • Dr Matthew Wade, Head of Research and Development at ukactive
  • Laura Larsson, Research and Impact Manager at Coach Core
  • Darren Brookfield, Curriculum Manager at King George V College and Verifier and Examiner at Pearson
  • Dr Susan Brown, Senior Lecturer, Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, Edinburgh Napier University
  • Laura Quayle, Research and Insight Manager at Sport England

Tara Dillon, CEO of CIMSPA said,

“We are delighted to be bringing together this exceptional advisory board to support the creation of the Sport and Physical Activity Workforce Observatory. The outstanding expertise and experiences from academia, data insight and workforce development that the advisory board provides is integral to ensuring that the Observatory is equipped to turn insight into foresight and connect research to what’s coming over the horizon for our sector workforce, operators and those making policy.

Data-driven workforce planning, strategic workforce development based on best practice and workforce management and organisation support developed on a firm evidence base is vital for the future success of our sector. The Sport and Physical Activity Workforce Observatory and the advisory board will have a leading role in ensuring that success. We are incredibly grateful for the contribution that they are making.”

Steve Osborne MA MBA, Lecturer in Sport Management and Development at Cardiff Metropolitan University and Chair said,

“I am very pleased to be supporting the development of this innovative new research observatory as it demonstrates a commitment to mobilise leading industry and academic experts in working collectively to support the immediate and long-term workforce planning and development issues in the national sport and physical activity sector.

In prioritising the use of high quality, trusted and valuable data and research we can start to explore and make sense of the complexity and interconnectedness of the sectors ecosystem of organisations and occupations.

The board will underpin and serve the wider network of specialist workforce boards and committees and aims to provide a platform to commission or inspire additional workforce related research that will add value and impact.

With access to robust and valid descriptive, diagnostic and predictive research, we will better equipped not only to comprehend current issues but also to refine the effectiveness of our investment in shaping the future workforce through the development of holistic, flexible and career long education and training frameworks.”

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